"I am the smoker of the fine Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Torpedo cigar, they are a medium to mild smoke. I buy them at Doc James Cigar & Golf in Shrub Oaks NY...." Ira

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Davidoff Entreacto - Box of 20

Davidoff Entreacto - Box of 20
The innovative cigar composition “Entreacto” is a small, splendid cigar format – especially intended for smoking pleasure between times.
Time is always a commodity that is neither flexible nor bankable. Time to relax and enjoy a cigar - the way the cigar was created to be enjoyed. Often it is not the beginning but the middle and the end. Davidoff has created a cigar - the 'Entreacto' - for those of us with only 30 minutes here or 25 minutes there. The time it takes to leave the office to make the train, walk the dog or catch up on the phone in the yard. Not just a shorter cigar but a Short Corona blended to give the full, rich flavor one expects from a Davidoff. The blend is similar to the Special 'R' but the commitment is just a short walk.