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Humidor Tidbits

What is the right Humidor?

When a customer walks in my shop and asks for a humidor, my reply is what for? (not trying to be a wiseguy)  I want to know, how many cigars  do you  plan on storing?  Do you want a portable or desktop?  How long do you plan on storing your fine cigars?

Customers will look at a 100 count wood humidor.  When I ask how many cigars do you plan on storing, they say 10 to 25.  Now here is what most people don’t understand:  In order for a humidor to  create the proper environment it must be at no less than 75% capactity.  Yes that is right, for a Cigar Humidor to keep your premium cigars fresh it must be mostly full.  I can’t tell you how many times a week someone asks me why their box is not holding the humidity, especially during the winter months.

Ok so now we know the size you need, how about the style?  Most consumers don’t need to store more than a box of 25.  I always suggest plastic Travel Humidors from Xikar.  There are different sizes ranging from 5 to 25 cigars.  The feature I like most is they seal up airtight, guaranteed to keep your stogies nice & fresh.  Some prefer an inexpensive desktop which are fine for short term storage, but they are the ones that need to be mostly full.

What type of Humidity Device to use?

Wood Humidors need to be seasoned.  Rubbing the inside down with distilled water does nothing.  It does not penetrate the wood.  I suggest the Boveda Seasoning pack.  Throw it in there for about two weeks (without cigars).  After, put your cigars in with the proper amount of Boveda bags. The capacity of the humidor determines how many bags.  There are different Boveda bags from 69%-75%.  I like 75% in the winter, and 72% during the summer.  Boveda works great, they actually control the environment (don’t ask me how).  After about three months they become brittle, simply replace them, no muss, no fuss.

Do I take the cigars out of the cellophane?

Simple answer No.  I feel the cellophane helps protect the cigar from nicks and scratches to the wrapper.  Secondly you do not want different cigars touching for an extended period of time. The blends will marry distorting the taste.

The only time I suggest taking them out of the cello is if you have one type of cigar which will be aging for 6 months or more.  It also helps if you have real nice humidor from Davidoff or Diamond Crown.  

Finally cigars are like wine, in the proper condtions they can get better with age.  I have cigars from 7 years ago and believe me they have matured and become much more complex.  You all spend a lot of money on your Premium Cigars, please make sure to protect your purchase by storing them properly for optimum pleasure.