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Types of Cigars and Fixings: The Connecticut Shade Wrapper

Today, it's all about the stronger, darker, fuller and more formidable cigar tastes. With that in mind, it can be easy to forget about the Connecticut shade wrapper. However, this is a traditional premium wrapper and has always been considered one of the better wrapper leaves to exist. Connecticut shade leaf is the wrapper of choice for most cigar smokers in America. Even with the shift towards powerful ones like Maduro, Corojo, Habana 2000 and other flavors in the market, the Connecticut shade wrapper is still premium and delivers a delicious aroma and taste. In addition to its flavor, it's also valued for appearance, color, texture and burning qualities. The Connecticut shade wrapper has one of the most distinct tastes, a rather smooth, cream flavor. Those who love a more mild cigar prefer the Connecticut shade wrapper for its medium-bodied flavor.

In addition, Connecticut isn't exactly the first region that comes to mind when you're thinking of a cigar. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and other South American countries are typically the cigar makers of choice. However, Connecticut wrappers are made right in the Connecticut River Valley and hold incredible worth to worldly buyers.

The Connecticut shade name was given to the leaf because it grows under large tents that shade the leaves from the sun. If grown in direct light, the leaf would become dry and too tough to blend well. However, by shading it, the sunlight hits the tobacco in filtered light, allowing the leaf to dry in a lighter, more even tone. Today, the Connecticut shade tobacco leaf is one of the most expensive agricultural commodities. So, why does this leaf have such a high value and unique taste? If you've seen one of these cigars, you know that it's unlike any other. With a silky and thin look, you can differentiate the Connecticut shade from any other competitor. The smooth, slow and balanced burn of this cigar is another perk that makes it a pleasantly fulfilling smoke experience.

Connecticut also has the perfect soil for growing this kind of wrapper. With decent rainfall and lots of sunshine, this wrapper is manufactured in the best premium tobacco-growing region. Experiments have also been done to determine if Connecticut shade tobacco seeds can grow in Costa Rica or Honduras, but no other country has been able to duplicate the same color, aroma and texture of this Connecticut valley leaf.