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The Best Cuban Cigars

Although many assume that the Cuban cigar is the best in the world because of past glory, the reality is that many cigar brands from other countries are starting to take the spotlight. Cigars produced in countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are showing that Cuba is not the only place that is creating legends among the cigar connoisseurs.

Changes Following Communism

The rise of communism in Cuba played a key role in ruining the brands and cigars that were once the legends among cigars. As communism started to play a role in Cuba, the best cigar makers began to flee to other countries.

After fleeing Cuba, cigar makers used their expertise to create new brands and fields in Nicaragua, Honduras and other countries. The newer brands have taken hold and become established leaders among the best groups.

The cigars from other locations are legally available and have flavors that provide the experience cigar smokers expect. Although the best cigars are not necessarily from Cuba, the legendary brands are still produced in Cuba and still hold a certain nostalgia for those who have smoked cigars for several years.

Although Cuban cigars vie with other countries for the top spots, certain brands are known for their legendary status. Recognizing the top brands from Cuba is part of knowing the history of cigars.

The Partagas Brand

Partagas is one of the top brands that originated in Cuba and had some alterations after the rise of Fidel Castro and communism. Although it began in 1845 in Cuba, the brand has altered slightly over the years. While the methods of growing and developing the cigars remain constant, the majority of the cigars are no longer produced in Cuba.

Originally, Partagas was developed through experimentation. The farming methods developed and changed to create the flavors that the brand is known for. Fermentation and blending methods were also experimental at the beginning.

After Partagas developed the cigar, brand recognition began. Partagas became a household name through the efforts of Ramon Cifuentes. When Castro rose to power in Cuba, Ramon Cifuentes left Cuba and moved to the Dominican Republic. Despite the fact that the original factory still stands and produces some of the cigars, the majority of Partagas cigars come from the Dominican Republic.

The Cohiba Brand

Among the legendary brands that is most talked about is Cohiba. Although the origins of Cohiba are uncertain, it is commonly believed that the brand was originally developed in 1966 when a rolled cigar was given to Castro.

After that original cigar, it has been suggested that Cohiba was rolled and made solely for Fidel Castro and his men until 1982 when the company began to go public. Despite the legendary status of the cigar and the relative youth when compared to other cigar companies, Cohiba has become a legend among Cuban cigars. Modern versions of the cigar come from the Dominican Republic and are available in the United States.

Punch Brand

The cigar brand Punch has a powerful flavor that many assume was the inspiration for the name. Although the name was not related to the tobacco, it has become a popular cigar throughout Europe.

Punch was originally named after a popular puppet show in Great Britain called Punch and Judy that was popular in 1840. Although the magazine and puppet show came to an end, the cigar brand continued and became the cigar of choice for Winston Churchill.

The Romeo y Julieta Brand

The brand Romeo y Julieta was originally named after the famous Shakespeare characters. The cigar, which was developed by Inocencio Alvarez Rodriguez and Jose Manin Garcia in 1875, was a small cigar brand initially. Although Romeo y Julieta started out small, Don Pepin Hernandez began a marketing strategy that sealed its success.

By developing various sizes and using aggressive marketing strategies, the cigar became a popular brand. After Churchill began smoking the largest cigar in the brand, it was renamed in his honor and continues to remain among the top Cuban brands. Although the cigar originated in Cuba, it is also sold from the Dominican Republic.

The best Cuban cigars are not necessarily difficult to obtain. Since many are sold from other countries, it is possible to find some of the legendary cigars in the United States.