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How to pick the right cigar?

A cigar connoisseur has peculiar preferences that only another cigar lover can understand. Is there a method that every cigar smoker can follow to ensure that he is smoking the right cigar? Since the right cigar depends upon each person, one individual may not agree with another smoker about whether a cigar is perfect. Nonetheless, the following simple strategies can help any zealous cigar smoker pick the perfect cigar.

Look to George Burns for advice

Comedian George Burns loved his cigars. In fact, rumor has it that three El Productos went down into the tomb with him when he died. This famous American used to puff on a cigar every time he gave a humorous monologue on his popular television show. He almost used a cigar the way an actor uses a prop. He would make a clever comment, then take a puff, then make another statement.

It is impossible to know whether the cigar smoking habit helped George Burns to live longer than his 100th birthday, but it is worthwhile to note the following words he spoke when he was still a 98-year-old youngster: "If I had taken my doctor's advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn't have lived to go to his funeral."

Speaking of Humor, Do Not Neglect the Concept of a Humidor

The best cigars are round or aged. Of course, an older cigar that sat on a shelf in a less than perfect climactic environment may not taste superior. The true cigar enthusiast can always ask whether the ancient cigars were stored in quality humidors, but this solution may not appeal to the majority of cigar smokers. One easy way is for cigar smokers to age their newly purchased cigars in homemade humidors that are maintained at consistent temperatures. This method ensures smokers that the brands they prefer to smoke are aged to perfection.

Avoid Cigars with Cracked Wrappers

People typically do not enjoy smoking cigars that are completely devoid of moisture. One way to avoid this dilemma is to refrain from buying products that have noticeable cracks in the wrappers. Additionally, cigars with lighter wrappers do not typically offer the rich taste experience associated with dark cigar wrappers.

Experiment with Different Sizes and Brands

The best way to pick the right cigar is to buy a few different types of cigars and brands. Some smokers prefer smaller cigars, often called cigarillos, to smoke after eating breakfast, while other people enjoy smoking larger cigars after dinner. One individual may favor smoking a cigar with a sweet flavor, while another person may prefer a different taste. After smoking a variety of cigars for several months, any person can make an informed decision about how to pick the right cigar.