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How to Make a Cooler-Dor for Cigars

Whether you are a cigar manufacturer, enthusiast or simply someone who collects different types of cigars as a hobby, a Cooler-dor can be quite beneficial. For those who are in need of storing a large number of cigars, a Cooler-dor is the perfect alternative option. Store your cigars in the perfect environment where they will stay fresh with the same taste and aroma that they would typically produce on the day they were made. Rather than purchasing a Cooler-dor, one can be easily be made at home for an affordable price. Continue to add to your cigar collection, and never worry about running out of room ever again.

How to Make a Cooler-dor

1. The first step in making your very own Cooler-dor is to purchase a cooler. This can be your everyday 56-quart cooler, or you may opt to go up to a large 150-quart one. No matter what size you're interested in, a Cooler-dor can easily be created using the cooler of your choice. Be sure to search around for the best deals before making a purchase.
2. Head to a lumber or hardwood store to purchase Spanish cedar. If you cannot find it, simply take out the strips from the inside of a cigar box to use. Be sure to only purchase the Spanish variety of cedar as white cedar will not work as intended. Each time a new cigar box is purchased, save the wooden cedar strips for use on your Cooler-dor.
3. Using a mild or fragrance-free detergent and cool water, rinse out the inside of your new cooler. Rather than towel drying, allow the cooler to air-dry with the lid open for a few days. This eliminates that plastic and mildew smell that leftover water may produce.
4. Purchase a high quality sponge or foam that holds water, like the ones that florists use. Place the sponge or foam into a plastic Tupperware container and completely douse it with a mixture of half part water and half part Propylene Glycol. Close the lid to the Cooler-dor and allow it to sit.
5. Dampen a new, clean cloth with water and rub the Spanish cedar inside of the cooler with it. The cedar will then know to act as a reservoir for moisture inside of the Cooler-dor.
6. An optional step in creating a Cooler-dor is to add a hygrometer. While not necessary, a hygrometer will show you the temperate and humidity inside the box.
7. Close the Cooler-dor and wait until the humidity rises to 70 percent before adding cigar boxes and loose cigars into your collection.