"I am the smoker of the fine Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Torpedo cigar, they are a medium to mild smoke. I buy them at Doc James Cigar & Golf in Shrub Oaks NY...." Ira

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FAQs About Cigars

Sparking up a Cigar

For many, one of the most enjoyable parts of smoking a cigar is actually lighting it up. There are several ways that people may choose to spark up their cigars, but there is only one way that truly allows you to enhance the overall experience from lighting it to taking in the aroma and flavor. To start, the cigar holder must prime the cigar or get it ready to rotate the end of the tip above the flame. Simply hover the cigar above the lighter and move it around so that the entire foot of the cigar gets the same amount of heat exposure. This presmoke ritual heats up the natural oils that are found in the leaves and prevents too much smoke coming from the cigar. To complete the lighting process, simply hold the end of the cigar about half an inch away from the flame and continue to rotate until the cigar burns evenly. The perfect lighter from our vast collection can make your lighting experience all the more enjoyable.

How To Cut a Cigar

Enhance your overall experience of fine smoking cigars by learning how to properly cut it. Cutting the cigar incorrectly can result in the unraveling of the wrapper, which you do not want to happen. To ensure that you do not cut too shallow or too deep, a guillotine-style cutter is highly recommended. Be sure to snip the cigar at its shoulder where the head slopes downward toward the body. Cigars can also be cut by using a punch-style cutter. To use this method of cutting, simply pierce the head of the cigar with the sharp point, twist it around and remove it from the cigar. With our selection of cigar cutters, you are sure to achieve a high quality cut every time.

What is a Cigar Ring Gauge?

A cigar ring gauge is commonly used to measure the thickness of cigars. When choosing a ring gauge for your next cigar, keep in mind that the larger the thickness, the more flavor the cigar will produce. It is also used to measure the length of the cigar. The longer it is, the cooler your smoke will be. A ruler and ring gauge is an excellent tool that all cigar smokers should have.

The Right Time to Smoke Cigars

The right time to smoke a cigar depends 100 percent upon the smoker, but a cigar can be enjoyed during any time of the day and any day of the week. If you are craving a cigar and you are looking to enjoy the delicious flavor, it is usually a great time to smoke. If you find yourself longing for a cigar, think about the benefits of smoking and whether they can be achieved at the present time. If you are in an area that allows smoking and you have recently eaten, it is a good time to enjoy a cigar. Be sure to avoid inhaling cigar smoke as it can become unpleasant and cause you to experience stomach discomfort.

Selecting the Perfect Cigar

While there are no set rules for choosing the perfect cigar to smoke, there are some guidelines that you may want to take into consideration. For example, see how the cigar looks and feels in your hand to discover the ideal one for you. Some cigars may also be best enjoyed during special occasions and events. Sample packs will help you to discover new brands and flavors that are currently available.